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​いちかわ について

About US


After the war, Ichikawa opened a shop as a small food stall.
His son started a new business selling handicrafted and Imported gifts.
This was the begining of "Lacquerware Storehouse Ichikawa".

Currently our shop "Ichikawa" is settled in Higashi Shinmachi High Street which is located in the heart of Tokushima City.
Around 10 years ago before giant shopping malls were built, the street was crowded with lots of people.

When I got married to my husband, (He was 
the founder's grandson) Ichikawa was selling Lacquerware and gift items.

My husband and his father's relationship wasn't great, so he didn't work with Ichikawa and but worked as a Lacquerware sales rep at the Japanese department store called "Mitsukoshi".

As time passed, we started to manage "Ichikawa".
Out store's value was to bring special quality gifts to customers.
We had a wide variety of traditional and refined handcfafts from "Wajima-nuri" to "Kagawa Urushi Lacquer". These were for special occasions serving as a wedding gift or as a anniversary gift.
Our customers eventually refer our gifts as "You can't go wrong with gifts from Ichikawa".

After my husband past away, I took over his business.
This was a hard time for Ichikawa.
As I mentioned earlier, big shopping mall opened up in our town and soon after Higashi Shinmachi Hight Street became less busy.

I still have contacts with wood craftsmans and craft coaters that my husband worked with.
I also have "Yusan bako" which was what my husband started to sell at the corner of our shop just before he past away.

"Yusan bako" is a special box that reminded me of our innocent childhood memories.
The box bring feelings of nostalgic scenery, nature, our conversations and precious memories we had spent together.
I just wanted children to experience these feelings.

I am determined to keep this business running that my husband has left me and pass on the tradition of Tokushima crafts.

I hope it helps give someone's some support.

I believe it can uplift somebody who has is living a hard life.



ご来店をお待ちしています   市川  貴子

After the whirlpool, go to Ichikawa!

In Ichikawa, besides the Yusan box, Including Aizome Numerous folk crafts from Tokushima.

From hospitality to everyday use Life style Various vessels and seasonal products We are dealing.

Choose gifts and souvenirs, Tokushima sightseeing Please come and visit us.



漆器蔵 いちかわ


770-0914  徳島県徳島市籠屋町1-1

TEL/FAX  (088)652-6657


昭和  年  月  日




市川  貴子


漆器 工芸品 遊山箱 販売


戦後~    焼け野原から飲食店を営む

昭和30年代    飲食店から民芸品や舶来品の販売店へ

昭和57年      屋号を漆器専門店「漆器蔵いちかわ」に変更

                                     (昭和58年 そごうが徳島へ)

平成6年       3代目が社長就任 

平成7年     遊山箱を店に置くようになる


平成27年     市川貴子が代表に就く


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